Thursday, November 8, 2012

Home After a Year

It's been over a year since I last wrote a piece in my ever evolving journey of life. I have gone from trying to be eco- friendly to working in an area that seems so materialistic. During the time that you have not heard from me I have been writing alot; not for my blog but for work.

This is very interesting because never would I have thought that I would be working in media. It's really interesting how it all began. I wanted a job when I came back home and my dad sent me to someone who was looking for someone. He thought I would be a good edition to the writing aspect of the business but I wanted nothing to do with it.

I tried it any way and they absolutely loved my input. Strangely enough it wasn't so much my writing but my presenting! Me...a presenter....Hell no!! But I did it any way even if I didn't like being infront of the camera. I got used to it and made myself comfortable.

Unfortunately my term there would come to a short end because I was dealing with the grief of my estranged son Achilles. I had was still dealing with my family being split apart and trying to get a divorce which is still at a standstill. it pains me to know that he is out there and someone else is mothering him. I thank God for her but I still wish I could do it myself.

Last I heard from his dad, he was seemingly quite autistic, talking non- stop for hours, or chewing on odd objects. He even lodged a coin up his nose which his dad had to remove with a pair of tweezers! I cry when I hear how bad he seems to be. I think that he might never be "normal" or be able to get a job or live on his own because he would need someone to take care of him constantly. He is drawing near to age 5 and I worry..alot!

But mostly I wonder if he just needs his mother; that if I were around he would be alot better and wouldn't seem so unwell. I pray that God would bring us together again someday soon, when I would be able to mother him. Even if it were for months out the year. I really pray for that.

But back to work now...Yes.....I stopped for about 6 months....Went to the jungle for a bit...Had a chance to get myself together, have a bit of fun...gain some attention, help someone learn to love their self and learn to love others again.

And then I was without a job again...Trying desperately to find one......and not wanting to go back to media one......But it called to me, over and over again. That I needed to give it another shot.

There is a saying that if you get a second chance at something you're real lucky and you should make the most of it. That's exactly what I plan on doing.

And in the meantime Chaya my daughter is at school, loving every moment of it just like I did when I was her age. She brings such joy to me and I thank God for her every moment of every day.

So off I go.....til another time. Hopefully it won't be for this long again.

If you watch a catch of bit of me presenting the news you can watch it here!