Saturday, December 26, 2009

Going Back To The Land


Hi, my name is Nisha. I started this blog because I'm very passsionate about living off the land and being in an environment that's open, airy, spaceous and living. I love the outdoors. I love plants and trees and fruits; anything to do with nature, I'm in!

I currently live in Oman (that's on the Arabian Peninsula) and I'm starving for the lush green that our planet has, like my home country, Dominica. Oman is hot, dry, desert. Eeww! So repulsive compared to Dominica which is mountainous and dark green, and has great forests, moments of gushing rain and then beautiful sunshine.  Dominica has perfect weather! Ah, what a place. I imagine myself being there right now!

Everyday I will attempt to put a new post on things that interest me such as simple living, Dominica, permaculture, eco- resorts, yoga etc. I hope to have loyal readers visit my site everyday and ask questions, especially about my country Dominica. I look forward to building a community of followers here.


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