Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Missing Home

I miss home. The new home that I had built; with my adorable  children and a husband.
I missing waking up with two chidlren beside me.
I miss seeing my partner making his cup of tea in the morning.

Our house was quiet in the morning, until about 10 am and then everyone was up and flinging toys all over the room.  Little hands left marks on the fridge and litte heads peered out of it all day long.

My life isn't so simple anymore. Chaya loves calling me mommy but she'll say 'Cherry!' way more than mommy because she sees her alot more than me.

But I get some mornings at the bayside; just Chaya and me, and we sit and swim, and gaze at each other.
It makes a  big difference!

I miss sharing a cup of tea in the afternoon with hubby, or watching a movie together. Doing grocery shopping was fun too!

And most of all watching the children play  while we sit and marvel at the gems we helped bring into the world.

But Achilles I miss the most. I miss his stare and his unconditional love. His yearning for his mother every minute of his waking day; when he's  not playing that is.  He loved sitting at the table and waiting for breakfast.

And running, oh how he loved to run! The  ecstasy on his face when he'd get a chance to be out in  nature, sprinting without a care in the world.

Now I'm at another home, a former home. It's safe; most of the time. And there is lots of love.

But I miss MY home.

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