Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Growing Basil

"This will be an easy task" , or so I thought. I decided to try to grow basil on my porch. Here in Salalah there are lots of people with plantations growing food and basil is supposed to be very easy to grow.

I attempted to grow some with seeds from a friend's plant. After weeks of trying to grow that nothing happened. Then I attempted to grow it from cuttings.  They all died. I thought to myself that it was impossible to grow basil where I lived because we didn't get enough sun on my side of the building.

Today after seeing a blog where people grew plants on their root tops I thought to myself if those people could do it on their roofs, why couldn't I? I had thought of it before but I was too lazy to go to the top of the building and water the plants, or that the plant would get stolen.  There are lots of people living in my complex.

I went out to the pot, which from a far looked like nothing was going on.  To my surprise I looked in the pot and there were about 10 little basil plants looking straight at me!

So after about 6 weeks this is what I got. I'm quite pleased.  I look forward to taking care of it in the upcoming weeks and seeing it grow bigger and give me some delicious basil leaves.  Can't wait!
I will update you all on the status of the plant is subsequent entries.


  1. Boy, It sounds kinda like me. I have been trying to grow a vegetable garden in the back of my house for like forever! I love all types of gardens and being Dominican and a woman I guess does not help. So I pulled a great section of our lawn in the back while my hubby was at work and everyday I will do some ploughing while my hubby was at work, then we together bought lots of soil (here in this part of Fl, the soil is sandy and impossible to grow anything but weed), seeds, fertilzers and the whole works...
    I was very excited and got to work on my project everyday. I sectioned my rows and planted my seeds a dn watered very frequently...
    Months went by and in great disappointment the plants nver grew and those that did, did so sparingly and were very unhealthy and I had to cut them down.
    Well I had spend quite a lot on that garden and was disappointed. Even so, I tend to start again this summer working on it.... I think I am going to look around the local farms for animal manure and definetely plant seedlings this year...
    But good luck with your basils, They look like they'll do very well!

  2. Yea they are starting to grow nicely. I'll put up more pics when they start looking more like basil... lol ;-)