Friday, March 12, 2010

The Unexpected

Today we decided to go to the beach, a different one from the Pineapple beach. We thought we knew the way (we had gone there before but someone else was leading) but we couldn't find it.  We drove around in circles hoping to find the road we turn off on but we did not succeed. 

While looking for the road we encounterd a part of town that we hadn't ventured on before.  It had the most lovely houses I have ever seen!  While exiting this neighbour we swung by the industrial site and found a new store.  There were lots of interesting things in the store.  And we came upon these.

Well it's not an accurate picture of the glasses, but don't I look silly!!

On our way home we decided to go up the mountain.  We had been there before at night, but in the daytime there's lots to see. Ittin Cave Park is what it's called.  It the most amazing little place, half way up the hill that has a little cave at the back.  It was so quiet!  Living in the city makes you forget how peaceful it is to just listen to the silence and hear everything else that's out there.  The wind rustling, the birds singing..  It seemed so surreal.  We sat for a while and enjoyed the calm and decided that we would do it every week.

Achilles really enjoyed himself as well.  There was lots of space to run around, and so he did.  The perfect end to the weekend and great start for the new week.

Oh yeah, and then we had a Thali!